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A while ago, on a spring day, a few members of EAA Chapter 87 joined up with a members of Chapter 1210 for a trip to the New England Air Museum at Bradley Field, Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The museum includes over 75,000 square feet of exhibit space in two large buildings; one for military aviation and the other for civil aviation. A Vought-Sikorsky S-44A Flying Boat overshadows the rest of the exhibits, a project ten years in the making, was put on display in October of 1998. Members of Chapter 1210 had the pleasure of touring the work hangar while the restoration was in progress. Its a beautiful aircraft and a job well done.

You can see their site at The New England Air Museum

Sikorsky Flying Boat
Sikorsky VS-44A flying boat "Excambian"

Steve and Doug visit the A-10 Warthog

B-25 Nose Art                                                   Beacon and Shack

Fairey Gannet

                 Link Trainer                              Mike and Steve look over a Pratt & Whitney
                                                                                  Wasp Major engine

Museum browsing is rough work, just ask Mark, Steve and Wazoo

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